Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Is a viewfinder required on an underwater video camera?

I certainly like the price and durability of the Contour Roam underwater video camera, but I'm not sure about not having a screen to compose shots.

I know the screens available for the GoPro HD Hero2 and standard on the Intova Sport Pro underwater video cameras are pretty tiny, so they don't seem to be too incredibly useful. However, there isn't a screen option that works underwater for any of the Contour cameras.

It seems like the preferred method of shooting with the Contour cameras is to head mount it, so theoretically, as long as you're looking towards what you want to be shooting, you'd be fine. I'm sure there's a little calibration needed the first couple of times, but once you figure that part out, there's not a lot to worry about while underwater.

What do you think? Do you need a viewfinder for an underwater video camera or can you do okay just pointing it in the right direction?

Perhaps someone will figure out how to make the wifi viewfinders work underwater, this demo video of the new GoPro system is pretty cool and Contour already has something similar: http://goproscuba.net/wi-fi-bacpac-wi-fi-remote-combo-kit-now-available/

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